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Corporation World Headquarters
Atalanta Plaza
Elizabeth, NJ 07206
Phone: (908) 351-8000
Fax: (908) 351-1978

Atalanta Corporation | Introduction

Atalanta Corporation

  • Founded in 1945, Atalanta Corporation is the largest privately held food importer in the USA.
  • Atalanta sells to retailers, food service operators, major restaurant chains, and manufacturers nationwide.
  • Through a national sales force, Atalanta delivers the finest meats, cheeses, groceries, and frozen seafood to American tables.
    • Atalanta’s sales force has extensive industry experience and product knowledge
    • Atalanta maintains high service level and strong customer relationships that have been developed over many years
    • Atalanta has an experienced customer service staff educated and trained to understand product lines as well as customer needs.
  • Atalanta offers more than 2,500 different product lines originating in more than 60 countries.
  • Atalanta boasts nationwide warehouses (20) and offices, offering exceptionally broad service coverage and accessible convenience.
  • Atalanta has the financial strength to guarantee supplier purchasing commitments and offer customers continuity of supply despite market and commodity swings.
  • Atalanta provides logistical strength as a one-stop shop for all imported goods — cheese, meats, and groceries.
  • Atalanta’s varied assortment offers convenience and cost-effective distribution to customers.