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Corporation World Headquarters
Atalanta Plaza
Elizabeth, NJ 07206
Phone: (908) 351-8000
Fax: (908) 351-1978

Atalanta Corporation | Celebrity Warehouse

Atalanta Corporation

  • Atalanta’s Celebrity Warehouse division services Atalanta, De Medici, and is also a public warehouse for outside customers.
  • Atalanta’s Celebrity Warehouse operates from 3.5-million- cubic-foot, dry, refrigerated and cold storage warehouse, which provides over 15,000 pallet positions. The warehouse has its own U.S. Customs bonded area, as well as a USDA-approved meat inspection operation.
  • Atalanta’s Celebrity Warehouse is currently engaged in expanding its current headquarters building by adding 9,900 additional pallet positions of refrigerated, dry and frozen space. An additional 26,000 square feet of office space will also be added, bringing the total volume of the complex to over 5 million cubic feet.
  • In 2008, Celebrity Warehouse implemented an improved Warehouse Management System (WMS) that integrates with its existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. These enhancements provide for seamless data flow throughout the entire organization, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The combined ERP/WMS systems ensure accurate order fulfillment and billing accuracy.
  • Annual Physical Inventory counts performed under the supervision of our auditors yield 99.99% accuracy results.