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JF Braun and Sons | Introduction

JF Braun

  • J.F. Braun is the leading supplier of shelled nuts, dried fruits and snack items to the nut salting, confectionery and baking trades.
  • J.F. Braun became part of the Gellert Global Group in 1999.
  • Products include: cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, raisins, coconut, banana chips and tropical fruit.
  • J.F. Braun’s vast sourcing capabilities enable them to track industry trends, anticipate shortages, and develop new sources of supply.
  • J.F. Braun offers broad distribution and marketing expertise that helps customers in making critical purchasing decisions.
  • With the combined resources of the Global Gellert Group, J.F. Braun can offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery second-to-none.
  • J.F. Braun is committed to providing reliability, consistency and quality.
  • To enhance J.F. Braun’s supply chain, the Gellert Global Group invested in the raisin drying facility in Chile.