Headquarters Location
490 Oberlin Ave., South
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone: (732) 942-8820
Fax: (732) 942-8837


Tipico Products

  • Tipico offers retail, foodservice and industrial customers an array of value-added, imported and domestic cheeses along with a number of processing services performed in its plant.
  • Tipico became part of the Gellert Global Group in 1995.
  • Tipico packs brand and private label products.
  • Tipico leverages Atalanta’s strength in purchasing and selling products.
  • Tipico supplies major national, restaurant and supermarket chains.
  • Services include:
    • Grating & Shredding
      • Package any size / custom blends
      • Shred from a feathery, angel hair to heavy, coarse grade
      • Grate all cheeses from fine to coarse type
    • Cut, Wrap & Cubing
      • Cut to any size and shape
    • Drying
      • All cheese can be blended from reduced-moisture to very dry product.